1. Introduction – Japan

How did the first people get to Japan?

Believe it or not I have found that there were two land bridges to Japan. The Bering land bridge from Russia to Canada and the United States is relatively known but not the ones to Japan.

Think about this. During the ice age the islands we know of as Japan were connected. Kyushu was connected to Korea and Hokkaido was part of Siberia. So, lots and lots of people walked across the world in ways that we can not today.

As the waters rose, and the islands formed, people were less connected. They settled down in villages, learned farming and built houses. Given the amount of land connected to the water these people were fishermen and used shells to make beads. Remember that all women, oh, perhaps most women liked decoration.

In the case of Japan we have no wall paintings or large sculptures. We have wonderful pots and goddess figures, called dogu.

Lets take a look.


Katherine Bolman