3. Terra Cotta Figures Indus Valley

Terra-cotta Figures
Terra-cotta Figures tell us something about how people dressed at about
3,000 BCE. Because clay survives over centuries archeologists are able to
find statues

There are a lot of notice about this woman.
Take a look at how the artist put the figure together.

How many little balls of clay did he use to creator her. Start at the top of her
head and look down.After looking at her elegant hat with what looks like a
bow at the back find her necklace, her bellybutton and her belt.

What is the difference between her necklace and her hat?

We have a few more of these ladies.You can see how the artist made the
hats unique.

in this small sculpture look for the jewelry she is wearing as well as the
cloth she has draped over her shoulders. She wears a large pendant.

And this child had a whole family to play with. I wonder if she made up
stories to go with the pieces. What story would you tell this family?
Did you find the dog?
In this case the artist is no longer using small clay balls for the eyes.This
sculpture has a nose and beard.

What does this tell you about the culture?
What does this tell you about family life?
I think that the parents loved to play with their children.

A group of heads.

this next picture is called The Priest king might have been made at a
later time than the toys.