7. Nine Mile Canyon Part Two

People seem to be having much more fun here. Things sticking out of one person’s head. One figure upside down to catch or hit the ball and a bunch of ducks waddling along all in a row.

OK so now they have a bow and arrow.

Is the man on the left shooting the sheep or the ghosts?

These guys are wired for sound. All that squiggly energy coming out of the tops of their heads with lightening in between.

Oh,my are their babies on the right hand side?
What story would you tell about these figures?

Tell me a story. Is that a deer with antlers?

And add this story to your last page to make it a “long story.”

I guess everyone got into the act of story telling all on top of each other.

Keep in mind that we have no way of knowing how many people worked on any one panel. This may have been done by different people in different times.

And, yes, people did live in nine mile canyon but not these people.