6. Nine Mile Canyon Part One

Some of the work we find on these wonderful canyon walls tell us about what might be a spirit world. The ghosts are stately or the weave in and out as we watch them across a canyon wall.

This map would be a help if you were going to be able to see these paintings your self. In this case the arrows show you were some of the petroglyph panels are.

What does this image tell us about how the people in this part of the South West lived?

What are the people in this image doing?
Do you find this work cute, informative or serious?

I might call this sheep herding and see a man with a bow and arrow. All of the sheep are so neatly lined up which suggests that it is difficult to paint sheep all in a messy group with them all moving around.

What do you think is happening?

Here are our sheep marching across the rock with a leading animal with antlers followed by a sheep with ears under a moon followed by and you get the idea.
The question here is who or what is at the end of the line? Well, you take a guess.

The import and thing here, besides that everyone seems to be having fun is the horse. Horses were not native to North America.

Where did the horse come from?

The spaniards brought them in the first ships and marched across the land. The Indians thought horses would be wonderful and they began to produce large herds of horses. This changed their life very quickly. Prior to the arrival of horses everyone in the tribe had to carry things when they moved from summer camp to winter camp.

What would you think if you came upon this one night, seeing it only by flashlight. Oh, my!

Can you tell a story in which you use this image? I am sure there is a great story here.

We are seeing a wonderful sense of happiness and charm on the walls of nine mile canyon. The imagination of the artist seems to have been released.

Lines, dots, people,and perhaps stories.

What a wonderful walking trail. There is something everywhere. Lots of dots and perhaps a flock of birds.

And thanks to our photographer we can follow the birds around the rock wall. I think the little figures close to the ground are interesting. some seem to be riding a one wheeled bike.