Prehistoric Spain-Altamira

1. Introduction Altamira

Altamira is one of the most important painted caves in Spain. The entire ceiling is covered with artwork. Further down the page is a sample of what you can find there. As

2. Where is Altamira

You can find in Europe.   This give us a chance to see just where Altamira can be found.        

3. The Cave Paintings

This cave is painted high on the ceiling. The artists painted the same animals over and over, as you can see. Bison, red deer, boar and horses were the chosen animals. It

Altamira Cave Paintings

There are three major sites containing cave paintings in Northern Spain which are presumed to have been painted by the Magdalenian people between 16,000-9,000 BC. Spanish archeologist Don Marcelino first discovered the

Altamira The Story

Altamira There are many versions to this true story and this is mine. On a summer’s day in 1879, an amateur anthropologist and his eight-year old daughter were exploring the area around