Pech Merle

1. Introduction to Pech Merle France 20,000 BC

Pech Merl 23,000 B.C. Pech Merle is, perhaps, the only one of the great French caves that are open to the public. You can go down into the cave and see the

2. Where is Pech Merle?

Pech Merle is in Europe which is in dark blue on this map. On the next map you will see where in the world many cave paintings around the world And a

3. The Town On The Hill

The small town on a huge hill. High above the river floor we see an ancient church that has served the town for centuries.     Pech Merle and its village on the

4. Paintings from Pech Merle

And here is what you will find if you go into the cave.   And here we have a hairy mammoth attack a horse. This artist used charcoal and created a sense