Prehistoric France-Cosquer

The Facts about Paleolithic Community History of Mankind, A Brief Overview: Human history is the most complex one due to the mysterious facts surrounding it. Since the beginning of early human culture, several researches and studies

1. Introduction Cosquer

The Cosquer cave is dated at about 27,000 BC. The area where it was found is not close to the other famous painted caves but by the sea Cape Morgiou. Do you believe

2. Where is Cosquer?

We start our search for Cosquer with a map of the world and find Europe. On this map we can find France and can see just where the ocean moved into the

3. Cosquer Paintings

As you can see, the salt, which has condensed from the rising sea water, hides a lot of detail. Nevertheless, this and the next painting are the first that I have ever

Grotto Cosquer

Grotto Cosquer is named for its discoverer, professional deep-sea diver Henri Cosquer. In 1985 Cosquer discovered a narrow cave entrance 110 feet below sea level on Cabo Morgiou, near Marseille, France. His