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Gwon Gwon Rock and Cave Art, Kimberly

Things are not always what they seem to be. One of the important things that can happen is that someone who knows a lot more about the subject than I do will

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Bradshaw Paintings – Qwion Rock Art Kimberley Australia   Australian Aboriginal Music: Song with Didgeridoo   primitive reason – didgeridoo jam live@sbsr   These videos was chosen because one can see that

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The underlined text will take you back to bradshaw-pages “WINDOW INTO THE ICE AGE” an interesting article about the Bradshaw Paintings There is always a lot more to learn and different perspectives

Preservation of the Bradshaw Paintings

The Bradshaw rock-art system comprises a complex, unique and remarkably advanced form of art, signifying the work of highly skilled artisans. The paintings, unique to the Kimberley, northwestern Australia (FIGURE 1), possibly

The Origin of the Bradshaw People

Research into the history of civilisation systematically ignores one string of global events of paramount importance  It is the oscillation of polar ice caps. The investigation of river terraces and windborne terrestrial

Bradshaw Cave Paintings

Broadcast 6.30pm on 10/6/2002 Amidst the remote and inhospitable landscape of the North Kimberley coast lies the distinctive style of ancient rock art known as the Bradshaw Paintings. Controversy rages over who

First Humans in Australia Dated to 50,000 Years Ago

This is a particularly important article because it gives us a broad idea of the beginnings of people in Australia. It was written for National Geographic First Humans in Australia Dated to