Prehistoric Africa

1. Introduction – Africa

Africa is vast. Known as the place where mankind began, it has a long history.   What do you already know about Africa? Please make a list of the things you already

2. Where Are the Paintings

Where in the world are we going to be looking at? Please write the answers in your journal of on a piece of paper. How do scholars think we got there?  

3. Blombos Cave 75,000BC

Prehistoric Africa The work done by the Bradshaw Foundation is awesome and ever-increasing. I am therefore using their text to illustrate their understanding of this one piece of Ochre. “Blombos Cave : 77,000

4. 40,000 BCE stand here for a moment.

  There are many wonders in the world. Some of these take a lot of work to get to. This striking wall of Eland is drawn on rock overhangs, which is typical

5. South Africa, San Art

The work you will see here is also cataloged under Drakensberg, South Africa. South Africa has thousands and thousands of caves with paintings. One of the better known sites is Drakensberg Park.

6. Cederberg, South Africa

These paintings come from Cederberg, South Africa. I find these elephants to be charming. And then we have the people with the elephants. This is a quiet scene. It is in its

7. North Africa Rock Art

Tassili N’Ajjer 6,000 B.C. The folks who write about this part of Africa frequently compare this area to a lunar landscape. It was once lush and green. It is now hot, dry,

8. Rock Art of Libya

Karkur Talh Engravings We enter a different world in Libya. The focus here is on the giraffe which we have not seen before.     As difficult as it must have been

9. Rock Paintings of the Tsisab Gorge

Maack Cave-Tsisab Gorge Brandberg-Namibia The following paintings are small, difficult to see and may be of interest. Take your time and explore. There are a lot of paintings on this page. I