1. Introduction to Bhimbetka

As is the case with many parts of the world, the art of prehistoric India is still in the discovery stage. This rock art will be presented in two different ways. When

2. Where is Bhimbhetka?

  Madhya Pradesh India-This map shows the area in the middle of India where most of the rock art and cave paintings have been found. There are thousands of sites which contain

3. Bhimbetka Line Drawings

Dr. K.L. Kamat is one of the earliest people to draw attention to the rapidly deteriorating cave paintings in Bhimbetka. Given that he was not a photographer, he took up pen and

4. Bhimbetka Cave Paintings

Prehistoric art in India has long been neglected. Because of this neglect, only now are these important archeology works being dated. The dates seem to be between 1,000,000 BCE and 9,000 BCE.

5. Zoo Rock Bhimbetka

Zoo-rock is a fit description for the rock art we will see now. Around the world art has been created on rock faces. Each place that rock art is found the art

6. Chaturbhuk Nat Rock Art

The Chaturbhuj nat Cave has some wonderful drawings. They are painted in an unusual style. In this case the paintings are found in rock overhangs along a river. They are approached by