1. A Word to the Student

Welcome to A Hypertext Course in Art History and Architecture This course is designed to supply you with a number of learning tools for exploring and studying so you may develop a

2.Tools for Learning: Personal Journals

Journals are notebooks that you use like a diary, recording your thoughts feelings, questions, and research findings as you go through this course. Use it daily! Your journal should include:

3. Tools for Learning: Personal Sketchbooks

A sketchbook is a place to practice drawing and a tool to help you sketch out and organize your ideas prior to doing hands-on art projects. The sketch book can be used to

4. Tools for Learning: Research Papers

Research is systematically investigating and finding out about the facts, answers to or principles of the questions you may have. Research papers present the answers to research and scholarly questions. They explain

5. Tools for Learning: Creative Projects

There are many ways to learn, acquire, and absorb knowledge about art and art history. One of the ways to learn about the art created during a given time and in a