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Did Plaster Hold Neolithic Society Together?

Michael Balter Recent studies around a 9500-year-old settlement suggest it was built in the middle of marshland. How then did its inhabitants grow their food? ÇATALHÖYÜK, TURKEY–Sometimes the sun burns so brightly

A Brief History of Catal Hoyuk

K. Kris Hirst, Urban Life in Neolithic Anatolia On the yellow plains of central Anatolia lie the remains of one of the oldest civilizations on earth. Called Çatalhöyük (which has been

The First Cities

Why Settle Down? The Mystery of Communities Michael Balter Archaeologists had long believed that farming prompted our nomadic ancestors into the first settlements. But how could the rudimentary agriculture of 9000 years

3. Layers Of Clustered Apartments Hide Artifacts Of Ancient Urban Life

David Perlman, Chronicle Science Editor Monday, April 18, 2005 In the long, long history of humanity’s shift from tiny clans of hunter-gatherers to settled societies of crowded city dwellers, no step was

Introduction to Catal Hoyuk’s Religion

Introduction to Catal Hoyuk’s Religion The issue of religion and spiritual thinking in evident in the finds at Catal Hoyuk. You will see something that might have been a chapel. What we

Annotated Bibliography – Catal Hoyuk

Çatalhöyük: A Reading List What follows here is to my mind a very extensive reading list in a number of languages. Follow your own path through the process of finding what you