1. Introduction – Japan

How did the first people get to Japan? Believe it or not I have found that there were two land bridges to Japan. The Bering land bridge from Russia to Canada and

2. Maps of Japan

Maps for Japan Where in the world are we? In this case the thing that affected the growth of a culture is somewhat different than it was in countries which have a

3. Ancient Pots

This section is presented as a way for you to see the changes in early pots. It is my thesis that pottery started as a simple, undecorated piece. I think that as

4. Flame Pots

The Jomon lasted from 10,000BC-300BC That is a very long time. In societies in the time noted are pre-literate. Artists often had a prototype which they followed closely. From time to time

5. Dogu Figures

Each culture comes to terms with the idea of spirits in their own way. When we fear the weather, snow, tsunamis, earth quakes, we ask one or another way of asking why

6. Architecture From The Jomon Era

What we have here is two models of a ancient village in Japan. These mock ups of the village is used here as a point of reference.     Thatch is the