1. Introduction to Ancient China

The ancient villages in China developed some amazing pots. Welcome to the village of Banpo China.  It is being excavated now. We will look at the things made during this early village

2. Where In The World Are We?

We will visit the town of Banpo which is located in China.The world map shows you where Huang Ho is in China.  In this map you can see Asia. Compare the size

3. Banpo Archeology

                                                       Archeology of Banpo We don’t have any images of the beginning work on this site. We do know that archeologists work very slowly and carefully as they remove anything, including dirt.

4. Banpo Architecture

As early as the neolithic period, a basic principle of Chinese architecture was already established, wherein columns spaced at intervals, rather than walls, provided the support for the roof. Walls came to

5. Banpo – Everyday Things

Once a group learned that if clay was fired it would last until it was broken some major changes took place. What do think changed? How do you think the invention of

6. Ancient Chinese Pottery

The ancient art of pottery (ceramics) has a rich history. In this case you will look at very early examples of pottery from China. For a moment look at the pot at

7. The Flutes of Ancient China

Flutes were found in China. They are considered to be the first musical instrument made by man. This is a complex subject. As we move around the world it is noticeable how

8. A Brief Look At Jade

The Study of Jade can be a long and thoughtful process. There are many kinds of jade. Jade was used for many things in Ancient China. “Jade has influenced all walks of