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Archaeoacoustics of Malta   If  You go to the url you will be able to see the images.     Below, Linda Eneix discusses innovative work in the field of archaeo-acoustics and neuroscience, indicators

Hypogeum of Malta

The Hypogeum            

Megalithic Temples of Malta

Megalithic Temples of Malta * Prehistoric Temples Of Malta Photo Tours: Additional Links The prehistoric temples of Malta are unique in all the world. They are the oldest standing stone structures which

The Tarxien temple

The Tarxien temple Centuries before England’s more famous Stonehenge was built the Maltese settlers constructed several of these architectural marvels. The Tarxien temple and the Mnajdra temple complex at Hagar Qim were

Malta from a blog

Malta from a blog   This was a temple complex.The temple was “formally planned, had concave monumental façades, trilithion entrance passages, and pairs of lateral and terminal chambers built of tooled