Indus River Valley

Bhimbetka Caves have recorded the human history over some 300,000 years – or may be even 700,000 and more years!

It is amazing and even hard to grasp –Bhimbetka Caves have recorded the human history over some 300,000 years – or may be even 700,000 and more years! These caves contain the oldest

Information about Clay figures and toys

|by Sharri Clark| This article is hear so that you can have more information about the clay figures and toys from Harappa 1. A group of terracotta figurines from Harappa. After many

Early Developments of Art, Symbol and Technology in the Indus Valley Tradition

| by  Jonathan Mark Kenoyer | | Introduction | Archaeologists studying the emergence of early civilizations often focus on finely crafted art objects in order to understand aspects of economic, socio-political and religious organization. The

1. Introduction-Ancient Indus Valley

At one time India and Pakistan were together as one country, therefore, Ancient Pakistan is set in both countries. One of the interesting things about Early Villages of the Indus Valley is

2. Maps for Ancient Indus Valley

As we move around the world of early villages we need to know just where we are. This first map gives you an idea of the different parts of the world we

3. Terra Cotta Figures Indus Valley

Terra-cotta Figures Terra-cotta Figures tell us something about how people dressed at about 3,000 BCE. Because clay survives over centuries archeologists are able to find statues There are a lot of notice

4. Toys from the Indus Valley

This culture seemed to have a love of animals as well as children. Different from the cave paintings around the world these sculptures do not bring to mind a need to hunt

5. Seals from the Indus Valley

These seals made so long ago had a purpose. They identified their owner. At this time in the history of the Middle East people were creating trade routes. We know this because

6. Every Day Things

Through the world over time people have made things with which to adorn themselves. Here are two lovely pieces. Through out the world pottery is the best way to know just what

7. Architecture of the Indus Valley

We start our day looking back into the mists of time.Keep in mind that time is a very complex idea. What did this place like thousands of years age? People build complex

8. This Is A Story

The boy opened his eyes to the warm morning sun. He watched it sneak across the hard earth floor of his room and up the plastered walls. In the corner of the

Lesson Plan for Indus Valley

Talk with the children about the past and how the present is different.                                  Then show them the page with the ancient toys Here are some questions you might like to ask.