10. Baja California

I think it is important to find out where we are by looking at some maps. If you find North America on this world map you are hot.

Above the pink spot which is Mexico there long green part that is a peninsula off the coast of California. That is the Baja Peninsula

This takes you to a closer look at the peninsula.

This art is a very different experience. Compared to the Barrier Canyon images these have different shapes and different colors. It can be compared to Newspaper rock in that there is painting all over the place and then compared to the large South West panel art

I have a hard time finding the story here.

Perhaps you could help me?

This is more of the same panel.

One of the advantages of this image is that we get to know just how difficult it must have been to paint on this stone.

We are told that these paintings were done after a trance in order to record what the shaman saw.

Here you have to use your imagination to find a story.

As you move through these paintings you can see a style coming to life.

And now you can get an idea of the size of the animals and men. Wow, they are huge.

An now we can walk about these walls.
Take a minute to identify the number of people you can find and how many animals do you see?
This is not an easy task because one figure is painted over another.

When one gets close to the are it sometimes looks like bits and pieces which are on the outer edges of the panel.

We leave Baja with thanks to Enrique Hambleton for publishing his photographs