5.Sculpture and Architectural Decoration

Because of the sculptures found in various temples on Malta it is thought to be a female dominated mythology.

Most but not all of these pictures were taken by Daniel Cilia.


This picture shows how the great statues might of been. The gray spaces are those drawn in. This is the only time we will see a full standing sculpture with its head.

The sculptures of great women were discovered in a number of places. This doesn’t mean that we have to create a cult that states that Malta civilization was run by women.  a lot of thought has been given to this by a number of researchers. Some researchers think that  sculptures may have been men wearing skirts as part of their normal everyday life.  we come to things with our own preconceived ideas about them and this is an excellent place to pause. Scroll down slowly and answer the question do you think these sculptures are of men or of women? What is your evidence for your decision?