4. Cycladic Every day things

Currently we have very few images of the things that the people on these islands used in everyday life.




I suspect this phase was simply stunning before the ravages of time billed the clarity of the white marble. It is important from time to time, to imagine things that they might have been. This piece was done by a great craftsman.



Compare the differences between these two pots. I think this one is delightful and from my point of view it doesn’t reach the standards of the first pot that you saw.




Not all useful things are necessarily beautiful. Notice the holes in the tiny handles and think about what you think might of been carried the pot.Write down your thoughts!




The pattern that you see on this covered bowl is used by many of the Mediterranean artists. In some ways it suggests the oceans and their waves.



This tall vase probably did not have any bottom. This would be so that they could put charcoal underneath the pot and gingerly heat the other little pot.


This was probably used in ceremonial occasions.



Libations to the gods perhaps.